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2016-05-03 01:31:01 by robot-jones

can i go to pico day thank



here is funy picture of day but i not sad because people bully me at school again even toasterboy-1999 hurt my feeling today too :-(


only rate 5 if yuo want to i wont hurt you


2016-05-01 19:53:50 by robot-jones

i wish every body good may



some one sent me this image on dis cord and said he want me to draw a thing call rule 34 of her. should i or do not ?


ok please rate 5

i am cool !

2016-04-25 02:58:25 by robot-jones

just want you all to know that i am cool


since i am so cool here is TOO funny pictures of day !



i found this picture o ntwitter ! i like all the funny twitter on there !


this picture is funny because it looks so scary ha ha ha


okay please rate 5 and i will see you cool kid later

who is edx1 on rocket league

2016-04-23 01:56:23 by robot-jones

does any one know edx1 on rocket league i play with him or her on rocket league with friends i want to know more about him


girl beat me up

2016-04-22 23:58:55 by robot-jones

i am dissapoint of my self that girl who i ask out beat me up turn out teacher dont like being asked out by robot :-(


ok here is funy picture of day5659163_146138334432_SaveMePlanetEarth.jpgit funny because earth is f****cked because bernie cliton cruise kasiche tromp hurt the world with runing for president robot for president 2016 am i right ahahahahahahah


okay please rate 5 for anticipation for robot boy movie coming this summer 2016

ive been thinking

2016-04-17 18:19:26 by robot-jones

i dont know what to say to girl i like at school she is no robot but i can make her robot you know what i am saying ;-)


but seriusly what do i say to girl i may like



O K here is kinda funny image of day but if i can be honest with you i really like simpson lisa and this image make me cry


O K please rate 5

i am angry because you gave my aunt birthday but not me what are you doing new ground ?  why you get my birth day wrong ? i demand a apology new ground . i am angry ! no body helped me finding gun to use for my school so i use gun at new ground head quarter ?


ok here is funny picture of the day


please ratre 5

this is my friend fro mschool because he is robot too!!!!5659163_146017780782_2b3146f19e202d2a7c7f928d813447ca.png

just wonderin g

MMMMMMMMM like my robot transmission of title ? haha that mean i stil lrobot ! MMMMMMMMMMM


i want attention so i can be cool again no one is giving me front page if i realease movie sooner  can i get front page again ?



here is funny image of day because i hate rabbit i want to kill all rabbit after seeing zootopiaa with aunt because i want to do hornee thing to rabbit but i remember that i cant s*x with rabbit because i robot . i am sad now


ok please ratwe 5