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I don't know how but thank alot for new collab out of under judgement with 3.18


you are all cool


please rate 5

new c0ll@b

2016-01-01 20:27:02 by robot-jones


i help my good friend papa mobile to rate 5 on his new video and yuo should tooo

dont click on shadmans news post right now,mine is more important, ok i sorry you can click shadman post if you want, i like incest kiddie porn from time to time too, but i want to let newground know i made new video

please click link below it got daily four so you know it good <---- I put arrow here for video if you did not know what this link is


new video it really good i go in detail about drama of other user review and other fun thing thank again for daily four my newground friend

i also got fanart from a fan who wish to stay secret thank you very much !


new show episode will be out next wednesday i think


please rate 5 and i will see all soon


2016-01-01 01:38:47 by robot-jones

hello my newground friens i want to let you all now i got daily four. that means i can do front page post now, so expect a special one later. be sure to rate 5 as the night critter meanies got to it and started to vote 0 on my new video. i dont want that so be sure to vote 5. new robot boy episode will be out on january 4. be sure to rate 5.


5659163_145163028041_download.jpghere is picture of me in my new episode please follow me too i do follow for follow and dont 4get to rate 5 haha do you like how i put numbers in words like 4get ok see you soon


2015-12-31 20:24:42 by robot-jones

THANK YOU ALL, MY WELL PEOPLE. new movie got 3.40 on here, i am the best, so are my fan. thank again.



now let get episode 1 out thank you rate 5


UPDATE: ep 1 got out too thank you all i will make all of newground proud with my show in 2016 :-)


2015-12-31 15:20:40 by robot-jones

i made new video and i work very hard agaom


please rate 5

new year eve special tonight do not miss

2015-12-30 17:16:31 by robot-jones

i do special at midnight please rate 5 including my old video so it get no blam thank you :-)


5659163_145151384452_df7061cabd2f6690325798e3c7106b51.pnghere is a funy picture from the simpsons please enjoy :-)


2015-12-30 14:33:58 by robot-jones

hello my lower life forms, as you don't know i just hit 10 fans. if it wern't for flikkernicht[, i wouldnt be here, so fuck you flikkernicht.

5659163_145150402443_8f2fb545e4e3cecd8ac16f3cdf4aa7c6.pnghave you seen flikkernichtsd new cartoon yet calle bobby beaver? its really good.

ok i gotta go stay tune for new year special rate 5 on my video


im realy angry today by the way because i did not get my many 5 stars that i want so i will get my recenge jus tyou wait and see

thanks new followers

2015-12-30 01:39:41 by robot-jones

i am now at 8 followes thank you please rate 5

here is a funny picture i found on my email :-)



u am robot

flikkernicht is bully

2015-12-30 01:21:42 by robot-jones

i am bully flikkernicht did you know his name means dumb in french ha i sure got him!



see? i bey you didnt know that


please rate 5 on my new video